Creating the perfect food and wine pairing is a must for any good dinner party. Whether you are playing host to 20 people or 2, the right wine and food pairing will highlight key flavor notes and make your meal one to remember. At Pascale’s Liquor Square we are known for our great selection. Here is our wine and food pairing guide so that when you head into our store you will know just what to pick up for dinner.

Classic Wine and Food Pairings

White Wine and Fish: A nice chardonnay has the perfect citrus notes to cut through and perfectly compliment a buttery fish dish. A California chardonnay and salmon with lemon cream sauce go perfectly.

Red Wine and Steak: A juicy medium rare steak is complimented beautifully by a cabernet sauvignon. The tannins in the wine help to refresh your palate after each bite and play up the earthy notes of the steak.

A Special Occasion

Champagne and Salt: Champagne has a deep sweetness to it. Paired with something salty such as sushi or salted fish for dinner or matched with a salted caramel dessert and you are sure to have an evening worthy of all those bubbles.

Rose and Cheese: Start off a special gathering with a cheese platter and dry rose. The fruity notes of the summery wine will compliment an aged cheddar as well as strong blues or a soft brie.

Subtleties in Wine and Food Pairings

Shiraz and Barbecue: Summer in NY calls for great days spent near the grill. A hearty shiraz will stand up to tangy BBQ sauces perfect for chicken or burgers.

Moscato and Fruits: For an after-dinner treat, skip the sugar. Offer a moscato which brings out the sweetness in grilled, poached or fresh fruit. This wine is perfect for sipping with late-night conversation.

Find Your Perfect Pair

Wine and food are a match made in heaven. With our pairing guide you cannot go wrong at your next dinner party. For more information on wines, contact the team at Pascale’s Liquor Square. We welcome all levels of wine lovers. At our Syracuse location you can come in for a tasting on Friday or Saturday to learn more about wine. We love wines and cannot wait to share our expertise with you! Visit us today!