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Whiskey, or whisky, is a classic caramel-colored spirit that has been enjoyed around the world for centuries. Whether you prefer to sip it neat, on the rocks or splashed with water or your favorite soda, whiskey can be smoky and full-bodied, fruity and spicy or light and aromatic depending on where it’s made. At Pascale’s Liquor Square, we offer a variety of whiskeys from Canada to Japan and beyond – explore our selection of delicious whiskeys to find your new favorite today.

American Whiskey

Produced across the country, traditional American whiskey is created from a mash of cereal grain including rye, malt, wheat and corn. Common flavor characteristics of American whiskey include vanilla, toffee, cinnamon and oak. Many of the popular whiskey and bourbon brands you know and love are produced right in the state of Tennessee due to its ideal climate for production, and are readily available on our shelves at Pascale’s Liquor Square – including a variety of Jack Daniel’s flavors like Fire, Honey and Winter Jack Apple whiskeys.

Canadian Whiskey

Traveling north of the United States and beyond you’ll find the distilleries that produce Canadian whiskey, including your favorite brands like Crown Royal, Canadian Club, Seagram’s, Black Velvet and more. Historically made with rye but also commonly made with corn and other grains, Canadian whiskey is generally light and spicy with notes of pepper, toffee, vanilla and even fruit.

Irish Whiskey

With a long history of crafting whiskey spirits, the Irish produce a rich variety of whiskeys using different methods – like double or triple distillation – that make their distilleries stand out among the rest. Irish whiskey typically leaves behind flavors of green apple, nutmeg and vanilla on the palate while kicking it up with smoky, spicy notes. You can find an unmatched variety of Irish whiskeys – like Jameson’s, Tullamore and West Cork – at Pascale’s Liquor Square.

Japanese Whisky

Browse our unique variety of Japanese whisky to find Hibiki Harmony Suntory Whisky, Nikki Coffey Grain Whisky and more. Experience a multi-layered taste when you sip a Japanese whisky from Japan’s oldest and top-selling distillery, Suntory Yamazaki, especially when you splash the whisky with water or pour it over ice.

Discover more of our whiskey/whisky varieties – including bourbon, Scotch and more – by visiting our location at 3150 Erie Blvd E in Syracuse, NY. Or, call 315-445-0445 315-445-0445 for more information about our inventory.

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