Red wine gets its color from the skin of the grape. Many grape varietals make up red wine. Each variety gives a different shade of red. An individual wine’s color depends on what type of grape was used to make it and how long the skin was left in the juice before being extracted.

They are usually judged by their body. A light-bodied wine should not overpower the taste buds. It pairs well with food that is rich in flavor. The French red wine Beaujolais Nouveau, is a good example of this kind of wine. A medium-bodied red wine is a slightly heavier wine for example, a Shiraz or Merlot. Full-bodied wines are denser and have higher alcohol content.


  • CABERNET SAUVIGNONCabernet Sauvignons are some of the driest reds and come from the world’s foremost red wine-grape variety. They can range from a bold, full-body wine made with dark black fruits, spice and oak to a softer style with a dominant fruit flavor. These wines are high in tannins and have a great depth of flavors.

Flavors: bell pepper, green olive, herb, black currant, black cherry, blackberry, plum, spices

Flavors: sour cherry, blackberry, spice

A distant relative of Merlot and cousin of Malbec, Carmenere is to Chile as Malbec is to Argentina. Originally blended with Merlot, winemakers soon realized its own flavor warranted creating single varietal wines.

Flavors: bell pepper, cherry, blackberry, spice

  • MERLOTMerlots are the Chardonnay of reds. They’re usually a lighter, versatile and good quality red wine. As Merlot ages, the herbal flavors become stronger as the fruity flavors begin to fade.

Flavors: watermelon, strawberry, cherry, plum, currant, spices

  • PINOT NOIRPinot Noirs are a light-bodied, dry red wine featuring a variety of tastes from lush and fruity to herbal and earthy, and emitting an earthy aroma. We have selections from the Burgundy region in France, California and the Willamette Valley in Oregon, among others

Flavors: ripe tomato, beet root, black olive, black cherry, raspberry, plum, spices

  • SHIRAZ & SYRAHShiraz, or Syrah as it’s known in France, are complex, yet smooth wines with spicy and rich flavors. Shiraz wines are Australia’s viniculture claim to fame. We carry several Australian brands, among others from France, California and South Africa.

Flavors: blackberry, black currant, boysenberry, plum, black pepper, clove