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Considering the origins of wine, you might think about the “old-world” European countries of Italy, France and Spain – but have you ever considered the roles Australia and New Zealand play in the winemaking industry? With histories of winemaking that date back to the 17th and 18th centuries, New Zealand and Australia are familiar with creating the fresh and delicious wines you know and love, from the juicy Shiraz to the crisp sauvignon blanc. Dive in to discover the beautiful flavors of wines from Australia and New Zealand that we have stocked at Pascale’s Liquor Square.

Australian Wines

Yellow Tail

One of the most popular wine brands in the United States to date, Yellow Tail was founded in 2001 with what started as a family-owned and -operated winery. Now, Yellow Tail is a leading exporter of wines ranging from sweet moscato to spicy Shiraz cabernet.  Choose from a variety of white and red Yellow Tail wines to suit your palate. The citrusy Yellow Tail Pinot Grigio exudes delicious notes of fruity apple and passion fruit that will cool you off on a warm summer evening.

Aromatic Yellow Tail Shiraz, Yellow Tail Shiraz Cabernet and other Australian Shiraz wines are perfect for your next dinner party, offering fruity and spicy flavor notes of blackberry, blueberry, pepper and rosemary. Full-bodied Yellow Tail Shiraz wines pair nicely with equally flavorful meals of grilled lamb and barbeque pork.

19 Crimes

Honoring the brave men and women who left a mark on Australian history, the 19 Crimes brand was inspired by the true stories of former British criminals turned Australian colonists. Their wines are bold and daring, just like the individuals represented on each and every bottle. Try The Banished, a blend of Shiraz and Grenache grapes that produces a bright raspberry flavor with hints of mocha, caramel and spice. Their classic Red Blend is also perfect to sip or share among friends, with its dark fruit and licorice flavor notes.

New Zealand Wines

Nobilo Wines

Nobilo Wines crafts only the best beverages for relaxing with family and friends. An early pioneer of New Zealand winemaking, founder Nikolo Nobilo developed the original vineyard within the mineral enriched hillsides of New Zealand that proved ideal for growing delectable sauvignon blanc grapes. Pick up a bottle of the classic Nobilo Sauvignon Blanc and experience its fresh, crisp flavor that pairs perfectly with an entrée of chicken or fish.

For more information about our wines from Australia and New Zealand, visit Pascale’s Liquor Square or 315-445-0445315-445-0445. We can help you discover wines that are perfectly tailored to your preferences and expand your horizons alike.

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